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After Emily dissolved into butterflies and flew off into the moonlight on that cold night in late January, Victor Van Dort thought his life was about to go back to normal.

He thought very, very wrong.

Ostracized by his community, considered insane by his parents, and having lost Victoria to another man after a fateful miscommunication, Victor found himself on another, less pleasant adventure when he was forced to move to Whitechapel, London, to be treated for his "delusions" by one Dr. Angus Bumby. Lost in unfamiliar territory, he had to fight to keep his sanity and will safe from a foe more wily and cruel than even Lord Barkis. However, he also made a dear new friend in the form of Alice Liddell -- and discovered that, maybe, love hadn't abandoned him after all.

Of course, when you're dealing with Alice and her Wonderland, and Victor's propensity for ending up in places he shouldn't, the course of true love never runs smooth. . .

AU crossover Victor Van Dort from both Corpse Bride and "Alice: Madness Returns." RP journal maintained by [personal profile] crossover_chick. Victor and Corpse Bride are property of Warner Bros. and Tim Burton. The Alice games are property of EA and Spicy Horse. The crossover is all me.
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