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Where Do I Find. . .

information on who exactly this Victor is? OOC: Information About The Crossover/AU has all the information on his canon fusion AU. You can also check the backstory & informational tags.

the "How's My Driving?" Post? How's My Driving? (post just below this, in fact)

the Permissions Post? Permissions Post

a listing of all the RP Victor has had?
Official RP Listing: Memes and Muns: For [community profile] bakerstreet, [community profile] dear_mun, & [community profile] inkwell_bar threads
Official RP Listing: MallowHallow (Defunct): For [community profile] mallowhallow & [community profile] mallow_logs threads (now ended)

a list of Victor's "most talked to" partners?
CR/Most Talked To Post: Memes and Muns: For those characters he's had three or more threads with in [community profile] bakerstreet and/or [community profile] dear_mun
CR/Most Talked To Post: MallowHallow (Defunct): For those characters he had significant CR with in [community profile] mallowhallow
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HMD Post

HMD pic
pic hosting
((Picture from Captacular!))

Comment here to tell me how I'm doing with Victor! Anon comments enabled.
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Some NSFW stuff below.

Victor's (and his Mun's) Cans And Cants )
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RP Listing for Bakerstreet, Dear Mun, & Inkwell Bar

Bakerstreet )

Dear Mun )

Inkwell Bar )
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RP Listing for Mallow Hallow

MallowHallow )
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All the people in [community profile] bakerstreet and/or [community profile] dear_mun who have had three or more threads with Victor. Italicized links indicate threads still in progress/with no clear ending.

Friends Below )
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Those people in [community profile] mallowhallow Victor was in the process of building a relationship with.

More Friends! We Hope, Anyway )
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Certain memes on [community profile] bakerstreet (not to mention the life I've given him on tumblr) have given Victor quite the zoo to deal with when it comes to pets. Here is a quick write-up on the animals you're likely to see in Victor's life should you tag into the appropriately-themed meme:
Surprisingly, No Butterflies Here )
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In honor of Friday the 13th, let me kick off a plot I've been meaning to do with Victor for a while now. This snippet basically sets the stage what will be happening with him today. WARNING: This deals with one of the darker elements of Victor's past. While there's nothing too terribly explicit, it may still be uncomfortable to read.

Snippet Four: Nightmare )
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And the third of the current Mallow Snippets. This one deals with some of the dreams I think Victor would be having during his first week and a half in Astralfield -- and the results of said dreams. Some early threads he had will be showing up here, as well as stuff that is referenced in later threads. Basically this is the story that is most tied into his actual game activity.

Snippet Three: Dreams )
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Second of the snippets, detailing the two things everyone needs most. Making a few assumptions here about Astralfield, but I figure a dream world would have a bit of everything. Not to mention I'm pretty sure the district page says everywhere has at least a grocery.

Snippet Two: Necessities )
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First in a short series of "hole-filler" stories I did about Victor getting used to his new life in the Astralfield district of Mallow Hallow. Because that's what I do -- write fanfic about my RP characters in their games, apparently.

Snippet One: Soak )
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[There's the sound of fumbling, as if someone's not quite sure what they're doing. It's followed by a soft British voice.]

I suppose that's how one does it. . . Um, hello? I'm not quite familiar with how all this works, but I understand one can leave messages on this. So, ah, if you have a message for me, just say it here, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I'm able.

[And -- go!]
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Player & Age: Vicky aka [personal profile] crossover_chick, 26
Contact: fangflux @ or my DW inbox (either [personal profile] crossover_chick or [personal profile] forgotten_vows)

Character & Canon: Victor Van Dort – AU, Corpse Bride/Alice: Madness Returns
District: Astralfield

It got a little long )

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☞ Player Information;
Name: Vicky
Player Journal: [personal profile] crossover_chick
Age: 26
Contact: fangflux AT; the Dreamwidth inboxes of either [personal profile] forgotten_vows or [personal profile] crossover_chick
Other characters currently played at Ryan's Gulch: N/A
Character Info -- WARNING: Dark/Triggering Content Ahead )
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The basic family tree I've come up with for Victor and his family!

Below )
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Fifty blurbs about Victor, his life, his family, and his friends. Enjoy!

Forewarning: Possibly NSFW or triggering topics ahead. Most are fine, but a few you read at your own risk.
Victor Van Dort's Precious Little Life )
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Short Version: An AU version of Victor Van Dort from Corpse Bride, crossed with "Alice: Madness Returns." After the events of the movie, his parents sent him to Dr. Bumby to forget "that corpse girl," leading him to meet Alice Liddell and become her friend (and gradually fall in love with her) shortly before the events of "Alice: Madness Returns," which he then proceeds to live through with her (or, more accurately, goes mental trying to keep her from getting into trouble while SHE lives through the events of A:MR).

Long Version:
This is an alternate universe Victor from my fanfiction series The Forgotten Vows Verse (also available at Archive of Our Own here) - a crossover between Corpse Bride and the "Alice" games put out by EA and American McGee (not "Otherlands," since this was started way before the shorts). As of this writing, the series is not yet completed, with two main stories and two side stories up in full, and the third main story coming to completion. EDIT: First through third in the main arc are up, along with four side stories! It's pretty hard to avoid spoilers about what happens during the series what with the way I play him, but I'll be putting all the descriptions of what happens during the main arc behind cuts nonetheless.

The Original Canons:
About The Movie on the Corpse Bride Wiki
Alice's page on the Alice Wiki, which contains the most complete plot synopsis of the Alice games

The Forgotten Vows Verse:
Main Arc - The "_______ You" Cycle
Losing You (American McGee's Back To The Corpse Bride, completed)
Losing You )

Finding You (American McGee's Back To The Corpse Bride, completed)
Finding You )

Forgetting You (American McGee's Back To The Corpse Bride, completed)
Forgetting You )

Remembering You (, sneak peek)
Remembering You )

◆ Fixing You
Fixing You )

Side Arc - "A Lady And Her Knight" Chronicles:
For You Were Not The One: (American McGee's Back To The Corpse Bride, completed) Victoria's POV on some of the events of "Losing You," set after Victor visits her in Chapter 5.

Card Castles In The Sky: (American McGee's Back To The Corpse Bride, completed) Victoria's/Alan's (her manservant) POV on the events of Chapters 16 & 17 in "Forgetting You," starting right after Alice faints on Victoria and running to when Victor leaves the White hotel suite.

◆ Something Old: Alice's POV, set after the main arc and concerning a special gift Victoria bestows upon her.

Side Arc - "Dead Old London Town" Chronicles:
In The Land of the Dead: (, completed but in need of final edits) Alice's deceased family adjusts to the Land of the Dead, and around the time of "Forgetting You," Lizzie finds herself going on an adventure with a surprisingly-familiar face.

Triskaidekaphobia: (American McGee's Back To The Corpse Bride, completed) Multi-POV story covering a certain painful week in Victor's life. CREEPY AND NSFW

So Where & When Is Victor From?
This got longer than I expected, so a quick short answer before I get into the meat of things: Victor's usually from early January 1876, between the fourth and fifth stories of his canon. His most common variants for memes involve him having a pet, typically his fire lizard Moonlight.
Surprisingly Thorough, And With Story Spoilers )

And now I hope you know exactly what you're in for!
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